Wednesday, January 9, 2008

East, Sleep, Learn

Gus and Comet have continued to be fast friends. This kind of situation keeps arising because when Gus lies somewhere to take nap, Comet will head over and do his best to sleep on top of some part of Gus.

When we spend a while playing with Comet and teaching him, but he still has gas to burn, Gus takes over socialing Comet and providing him with stimuli. Between the three of us, we eventually win out over Comet. And then we all need a nap.

The next day, once school let out, Gus and I went up to school to check some things out. He met dozens of kids, got held by lots of people, and was exposed to all kinds of sights and sounds. All part of a good education for a developing puppy.

I was trying to get a picture with the camera even lower down, for a nicer perspective on Comet. That unfortunately made the camera look like fun to Comet, who came to check things out.

Or, a fifty foot dog attacked the school. You decide.

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