Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Teeth, New Muscles

Now, there was a whole lot of personality in this dog when I went and saw his litter. He stood out to me that first day, and he did it again when I went back. But every day, there's a little more focus in those dark eyes, a little more coordination in his movements, and so that personality comes out more and more.

Not that coordinated, though. We've definitely hit the stage where the ears don't quite behave.

Ahhh, age appropriate chew toys. At around three months, pups start to lose those sharp baby teeth (milk teeth). This is the stage at which shoes, sunglasses, or anything else expensive and saturated with owner smell is in serious peril. The trick is to give him something even more fun than a shoe, and when he goes for the wrong thing, switch it to the appropriate, fun toy.

Gus had this slightly minty rope toy for a couple of years and never took much interest, but after a few days of chewing, Comet's done some serious damage to it. He was also able to demolish the end of a belt during about thirty seconds of inattention from us. But that's the only puppy teething sacrifice we've had to deal with so far.

We also had a chance to head up to school to play with Weezie. Comet can't quite keep up with two full-speed, adult retrievers, but the camera was able to catch Weezie and Gus as they blazed by.

Where would we be without the requisite scratching photo? I love the intense concentration a good scratch requires. I've also noticed that, for some reason, he likes to make eye contact while he does it. Maybe he's asking for help or permission. Either way, it's cute.

This last week has also seen some great development of musculature. It's becoming clearer by the day that Comet's going to be a powerful, agile dog.

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