Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mastering the Fetch

It’s immensely difficult to take indoor pictures of the dogs. The most obvious drawback of a flash is the dog-devil eyes you invariably get, but I also find that a flash lends an unfaithful color and glare to the coat.

Catching the boys like this involved painstakingly getting out the camera without making enough noise or motion to wake the dogs, sitting it on the coffee table to avoid blur, and snapping pictures blindly at arms length.

Maybe the flash would create a crisper picture, but the warm glow of the scene is much more faithful to the peace of the moment. Yes, that’s a duck toy nestled in between them.

Comet is, shall we say, still working on mastering the fetch. He heads full tilt for the ball, puts his head down to snag it...
...and fails to stop. Comet went enthusiastically head over paws on five straight fetches before he figured out how to slow down a bit. To his credit, he never failed, no matter how dramatic his flip, to come up with the ball.
We also had the opportunity to play with Weezie again. Comet was much more able to keep up with the bigger dogs, and he took great delight in trying to catch Weezie. Failing that, he resorted to sneak attacks.

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