Thursday, May 22, 2008

At Swim, Four Dogs

Today, despite the weather’s inability to promise it would behave, I took the boys up to Hopkins to meet Josh, Liz, Rexie, and Rudie for a little romp and a walk around the lake.

The two Labby Catahoulas know how to romp, growl, and bite each other like pros, and even though they’re not so old, they took the whole walk at full tilt.
When we got to the lake, Gus and Comet jumped in (naturally), and their enthusiasm eventually persuaded Rudie to take the plunge. While her swimming wasn’t entirely elegant, she didn’t do badly for a first try.
Comet has decided that the most fun thing to do in the water, since he still splashes his front paws in and out of the water most of the time, is to bite at the spray, which in turn causes more splashing.
...and more splashing. Comet will fetch a stick or a ball if you throw it (and Gus doesn’t get to it first), but he also just jumps in for the sheer pleasure of being wet.

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