Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Flies When You're Having Fun

While this entry is dated only a week after the last one, the untimely death of my hard drive delayed its posting substantially. Fortunately, we had invested in Apple’s wireless backup solution, so once the computer was repaired, I was able to get everything back and continue on as if nothing happened.

In the last few weeks, we’ve made quite a habit of returning to this same loop past the icicles and over the logs, and while today wasn’t as much of a day for icicles as last time, it was much, much brighter out, so it was a better day for action photos.

With the bright light, it was a great opportunity to get pictures of him parading around proudly with big ol’ sticks, since icicles were a little harder to come by today.

There’s a particular thickness of stick that really gets him going, and he’ll go to great lengths to bring a perfect stick with him as long as he can. He runs out ahead, flops down, and spends some time chewing while we catch up. Then, he springs up and runs off again with it.

At the very beginning of our walk, we found a group of Robins, apparently males staking out territory. While it’s rather early for them to be coming back from the south, it’s apparently a good risk for them to get the best territory.

Among the Robins, almost escaping our notice, this Eastern Bluebird was chirping a slightly different song of territoriality. I almost missed him, with a breast so similar to the Robins’. Even though he was a bit more easily spooked than the Robins, he was kind enough to pause for a moment so I could snap a quick shot.

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