Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

For Thanksgiving, we headed down to New Jersey to my parents’ house, which gave us another opportunity to reunite Jax with his brother Ojo. Andy and I were busy handling dogs at the crowded woods and beach, so all the pictures were taken by my mom.

Ojo’s on the far left in this picture, and his tennis ball instincts are clearly just as well developed as those of his brother. For those of you who can’t tell our dogs apart as well as I can, Comet’s in the middle, and Jax is on the right.

(Photo credit: Donna Tippy)

It was a bit of a challenge to get three dogs in frame, especially with the mediocre lighting the dull Thanksgiving morning gave us, but my mom gave it the ol’ college try. There may be a little blur on Ojo here, but honestly, who wouldn’t be running at top speed with a vicious dog like Jax in pursuit?

(Photo credit: Donna Tippy)

Ojo also got his first swim in today. His family doesn’t have the same easy access to safe waters that we do, so he hasn’t had the same chances to get wet in the cold weather. To his credit, though, he crashed into that cold lake like an old hand.

(Photo credit: Donna Tippy)

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