Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sort of a Dog Flotilla

In what has become a little bit of a regular habit, we met Jill at West Thompson again, and this time, we were joined by not just Jill’s four, but three others who belong to friends of Jill, for a grand total of nine dogs, seven of whom are Golden Retrievers.

In no particular order:
Jax, Golden Retriever
Comet, Golden Retriever
Copley, Golden Retriever
Tango, Golden Retriever
Tally, Golden Retriever
Finn, Golden Retriever
Rumford, Golden Retriever
Yuki, Boxer
Leo, Portuguese Water Dog

This time, Tango was able to come along, and given how driven she is, it’s impressive that Jax was able to keep this stick away from her for as long as he did.

Finn, now seven, races around with the younger dogs. Sometimes he moves so quickly and smoothly that he barely looks like he touches the ground. And, sometimes, he really doesn’t touch the ground.

Sticks were definitely the toy du jour, and Leo the PWD more than held his own.

It was really a digital camera day, with perfect sun and a combination of dogs and action that was—not mathematically, but for all intents and purposes—infinite.

Jax isn’t a big dog, but he does everything with as much height as possible. He’s always springing and leaping about, and if he notices friends a few hundred feet away playing with a stick, the first thing he’ll do is rear up and get a better look before he puts on the afterburners.

Young Copley is growing up, but he’s still in the prime of puppyhood, which means zoomies are a key part of his experience on a walk. He’s at the age when total discombobulation is a common occurrence. Copley is a lot less awkward than a typical puppy just shy of five months, but he can still look pretty silly sometimes.

Rumford’s also in that gangly adolescent stage, and just as prone to zooming about like a crazed animal. Rummy also had his first real swim on this walk. It’s always a joy to watch a young dog go from deep apprehension about the water to an abiding love for it.

Tally was more than happy to show the young dogs how it’s done. One of many fun things about Tally is that he nearly always looks like he’s leaping off the page of an L. L. Bean catalog.

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