Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Movable Beasts

September was a hard month for us. We moved ourselves to a new house (wonderful!), and we both had pretty hectic work schedules. Dog walks suffered greatly as we spent our free afternoons moving books (we have so many books!) and furniture from New Haven to Branford over the course of several weeks.

The dogs didn’t like the move (all their stuff disappeared slowly and we didn’t go for many walks), but they love the new house.

For Andy’s birthday, I strung lights all around our (new!) deck. The first step was to install a post at one corner, and so I could make it a surprise, I did it all in the evening before he got home from work. This rather large mantis decided to get right in the way for a few minutes, and since I wasn’t sure I could take him if it came to a brawl, I worked on another section of the deck until he decided to wander off.