Sunday, October 31, 2010

Parallel Courses

October saw us finally back on a regular schedule with our dog walks, and the boys are very enthusiastic about it.

It was also a beautiful year for foliage.

We moved closer to some of our favorite old haunts, like this place. Andy showed it to me not long after we first met, and we took Gus there, then Gus and Comet, and now Comet and Jax.

In fact, I remembered the other day that I had a picture of Gus and Comet together from November of ‘08, not long before Gus died, so  I posed Comet and Jax in the same spot.

October also gave me a new place to go in Branford that I had never been before, and though I only snapped this one picture the first time we went, I loved it so much that I’ve been five time since then and plan on many, many more outings.

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