Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up Mt. Washington

On August 17, we decided to take the MINI up the Mt. Washington Auto Road. The road's extreme gradient is a bit tough on a car, especially my rather new MINI, but it was a super fun car to take up and down such a crazy road.

The whole extended family climbed into a bunch of cars, and we all trekked on up.

According to my GPS, the route is 7.5 miles and has a vertical ascent of 4,585 ft. Washington's peak is officially 6,288, but you start the auto road pretty far up from sea level in the first place, and the parking lot is a huge set of stairs away from the actual summit.

On the way down, we were very conservative with the brakes and stopped at several of the designated pulloffs to let them cool.

I've been hiking and driving in New Hampshire for years, and this day that we just happened to decide to take for a drive up Mt. Washington was one of the clearest I've ever seen.

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