Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Good Camera is Heavy

My increased emphasis on running instead of hiking has meant that I don't bring my camera with me every time I go places anymore. Today, though, I went for a run with Ben and then met up with Jen and their twins for a walk.

The dogs were good sports and posed for me in between the run and the walk.


  1. Love this picture! :D especially the dog on the right. His face is sooooo cute! they must be brothers? they look a lot alike.

    ~Nomes from GRF

  2. Comet is the guy on the right. His attitude is typically "What's next?" "How can I get some affection?" Jax is on the left, and he's a bit more independent and exploration-minded. You can actually see the trend over time in the different pictures. When both dogs are on stay, Jax is more likely to be staring off to the side with a really focused look, and Comet is more likely to be looking at me, waiting for the next cue.

    They're not brothers, but they are closely related through a dog named Borax.