Saturday, April 28, 2012

And to the Mud We Return

My folks came up to visit and to try to catch the Osprey nesting and fishing. While the Osprey weren't terribly active yet, as it's a bit early in their breeding season, we did have a great time out at the salt marsh.
And boy do the dogs love the marsh. I try to keep them from terrorizing the shorebirds too much, and I definitely keep them away from the bases of the Osprey's nesting platforms. Still, that leaves them a whole lot of tidal mud to rush around in.

While I got essentially no good shots of Osprey this time around, I'm happy with what I got of the dogs.
Jax seems to take particular joy in getting as muddy as caninely possible.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Springtime means pansy season rolls around. Andy put together this hanging basket (one of five baskets we put together around the outside of the house) with brightly-colored, cold-hardy flowers.

When I watered all the new pansies in, I noticed a large drop of water balanced on one of the larger yellow flowers, so I decided to try for something artsier than my normal photos. I think I did OK, given the fact that I used a kit 18-55 lens for this.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


My favorite woods run at the Branford Supply Ponds has a section of trail that's surrounded on both sides by acres of myrtle on the floor of the woods. I imagine somebody planted a little of it a long time ago and it just took off. Some combination of the mild winter and the early warmth brought out all the purple flowers at once. I was out for my run, and at the end, just as I stopped running and started walking for my warmdown, I found myself in the middle of this misty forest carpeted with purple flowers. It didn't seem quite real. So I posed the dogs and took a couple of pictures with my phone. Total luck that it came out so well.