Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Private Island

Today I left from the Stony Creek boat launch for the first time this year and tooled around the Thimble Islands again.

I went east along the coast, almost all the way to Guilford, and then turned around. The tide was mostly out, so there were lots of temporary islands with birds going about their days, and I got my first ever good picture of an American Oystercatcher. I've seen them a few times before, but they're pretty skittish, so it's hard to get close enough.

The Thimble Islands and the Stony Creek area have some amazing shoreline real estate and beautiful houses. When I went into teaching, I pretty much guaranteed that I'd never make enough money to buy one of those private islands or the massive, immaculate houses with their huge decks and gorgeous views. However, with the tides, anybody with a little boat, a little knowhow, and a little good timing can be a little prince, at least for long enough to eat a granola bar and drink some cold water. And the sunburn is the same one you get on a million dollar island.

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