Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunbeams and Myrtle

Puppy Tao has been upgraded, so this post has moved. It will eventually be unavailable at this location.

Today I went for a short hike in the morning with friends, babies, and dogs, and this afternoon, I went back to the Supply Ponds with the dogs for a longer outing.

As the late afternoon wore on, I posed the dogs in the sunbeams that shoot down to the myrtle in the darkening woods in order to try for some dramatic shots, but I couldn't get the exposure values quite right.

But when I finally let them off their stay, I got a couple of good action shots as they let off their pent-up energy.


  1. Is that Jax on the right side of the frame? He looks very much like a puppy in this picture.

  2. Yup - that's perpetually youthful Jax on the right there.