Saturday, October 5, 2013

Summer Arrives in October

Puppy Tao has been upgraded, so this post has moved. It will eventually be unavailable at this location.

My love of Goldens started with the sweet dog we had when I was a kid. In fact, his name, Chestnut, appears in all of my dogs' registered names. My parents didn't get another dog for themselves after Chess died and my sister and I grew up, but they've always loved borrowing ours when Andy and I go on vacation.

Recently, they finally declared themselves ready to have a dog again. They wanted a Golden girl to be their office mascot at GBW Insurance and to join them on their walks in the local preserves and parks in their area. After some hunting about, we found them a lovely girl from the right litter with exactly the right temperament for the job.

Today, they picked up their puppy from her breeder in Maine and stopped by Branford on their way back home. And we were introduced to Summer, Goldiva's August on Chocorua's Summit.

Chocorua is one of my mom's favorite hikes in the world, and Summer was born in August, the month when she's hiked it most. Plus, it makes a subtle reference to Gus, whom my mom loved very much.
Andy and I were, of course, enthralled with her, and Comet and Jax were big fans too. They even posed out on Branford Green with her, though she wasn't all that cooperative and kept wandering out of frame.

Nonetheless, with a little perseverance and some luck, we did get one good shot in the late afternoon sun of our two old friends and our fluffy new one.

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