Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Dog for All Seasons

Puppy Tao has been upgraded, so this post has moved. It will eventually be unavailable at this location.

There's no such thing as perfect weather. Some days really stand out to you as overwhelmingly ideal and beautiful, but others don't look so wonderful at first, but turn out to be just perfect for what you're in the mood for. Today, that was some wandering. Comet, Jax, and I headed out to Westwoods and Guilford and got happily lost for a while, finally circling back to the bluff above Lost Lake for a little photo time. The dogs had to be on stay anyway, since there was a small group of people eating sandwiches just to my left, so it made for a good opportunity to snap a photo of a couple of handsome dogs and some pretty scenery.

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