Friday, November 29, 2013

Posing Up and Down

Puppy Tao has been upgraded, so this post has moved. It will eventually be unavailable at this location.

Comet, Jax, and I decided to take a long walk through Timberlands Preserve in Guilford. We've been there a few times before, but today we did more than a little loop. We managed to make a five mile trek out of our exploration.

We were about halfway through when I took this picture, and Comet is clearly having the time of his life.
I guess all of our work in agility class paid off. Comet walked from the torn up stump of this tree on the hill to the right all the way out to the middle, all while nonchalantly holding a tennis ball he found. He was even willing to hang out there, cool as a cucumber, while I fumbled for the camera.

Jax followed him partway out but jumped off and then stood underneath, giving alternating funny looks to Comet and to me.

We capped out the day by taking a sunset group shot together. The dogs were, as always, really good sports about being posed, and it's great proofing for the daily stay when the handler does something weird and new like hunkering down in front and below.

So it ended up being a bit of a day for posing up and down.

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