Saturday, April 26, 2014

Portrait Stories

A few weeks ago, I shot dozens of candids of dogs at a seminar, and some turned out really well. Ever since then, I've gotten really interested in what makes a good candid portrait of a dog.

With other people's dogs, I think the trick is to figure out a perspective on the personality in a few seconds and then to try to catch it. Maybe you anthropomorphize a bit by getting a fleeting expression and interpreting a pant as happiness or some concentration as seriousness.

With our dogs, though, I feel like I have an edge, since I know their personalities already. So it's more about catching the mood or the story. For Comet, right here, right at this moment, I want to tell a story about a dog in his middle years who's old enough to have a little more wisdom than is really possible in a dog, but young enough to have froth on his face from enjoying a romp in the woods.

Good day, good photos, great dogs.

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