Monday, July 28, 2014

Brief Kayak Sojourn

The date and time of this post reflect when I took these pictures, but I'm actually writing and posting in November. I've had some laptop trouble and a ton of work, and that's resulted in a huge backlog of photos and entries.

However, I do have some good stuff, like these Osprey photos from one of my only kayak outings this summer.

During July, there are a lot of Ospreys jockeying for fish and territory, and in the heat of midday, many rest on the low ground.  I caught this one just as he finished his rest and took back to the air.

My route up the river also takes me past several nest platforms, and at this time of year, you see large families of first-year fledged birds and their parents sharing food and space.

I wish I had had a chance to get out more in the kayak this summer, but knowing how way leads on to way...

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