Sunday, October 26, 2014

Goldens and Foliage

Just over a year after Summer first arrived, I met my parents for a hike at the East River Preserve in Guilford.

Summer has grown into a fun-loving, wonderful companion and friend, and she has a blast on the trails with just my folks or with the full crowd of us and our dogs.

These pictures are a bit out of order, since we stopped by the river early on and all the dogs got really wet, especially Jax, who will throw himself whole-hog into any body of water we come across. Summer jumped in and out too, but an hour of hiking will dry a Golden right out.

Our daily stay photo has become a tradition on these hikes, and the dogs are always good sports while we pose them and take a few pictures from different angles.

I saved the last photo (below) to blow up a little larger, because Comet, always handsome, chose a particularly pretty spot to look back over his shoulder.

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