Saturday, November 8, 2014


It's sort of a tired thing to reflect on the change of the seasons, I suppose. Still, it's what I find myself doing when I walk through the same spots from one season to the next. This season has seen a long, slow change of the leaves, and even this late on in the game, there are still trees holding their bright colors while others are bare.

Summer is visiting again, so she joined the daily stay.

And since I'm thinking of seasons, I'll call back to this photo in the same woods in September.

I've taken to posing for a remote-shutter selfie in the same spot overlooking what the maps alternatively refer to as "Beattie Pond" and "Lost Lake." "Lost Lake" certainly wins for poetic drama. In mid-September, only the most eager trees have begun to change.

By early November, well, the picture does the talking all on its own, doesn't it?