Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ajax: Therapy Dog

Last week, I wrote about Comet and how well he was taking to therapy dog work. This week, it's Jax's turn.

Jax is a bit more food-focused than Comet, and he goes absolutely bananas for the director of nursing. Her office is right beside the spot where I drop my coat and sign in, and she keeps a box of dog cookies on her shelf so she can spoil the therapy dogs.

So Jax cannot wait to visit her office when we arrive, and she sometimes gives him a bonus cookie or three when we leave.

Like Comet, Jax has done wonderfully in is role as a hospice dog. He's particularly good at picking visiting family members who need some love and sidling up to them for a long, involved scratch behind the ears. And for such an intense, nutty dog, he really understands how to behave in a calm, gentle fashion around sick people.

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